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Writing Woes — the perils of distraction.

I have been painfully failling at my endeavor to update the Thesis Odyssey section of this blog daily, or even every other day. Why? Because I’ve been avoiding writing like one avoids the plague. I thought this would get easier and easier… but now, when I have a spare few hours, all I want to do is play my guitar or watch TV, or read for pleasure. (I have two new books of James Joyce’s essays sitting in my bookshelf. They are tempting me always, with those eyes… and those words…)

As the days tick on, I wonder if I can finish. And then I seemed to guarantee that I will not finish by distracting myself with blog postings, taking pictures of my food, doing that sun salutation. Will I be more successful today? Only time will tell. 5 hours until rehearsal… what can I get done?


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Sunday night: thesis play by play

Expect updates on the hour, half hour, or whenever I am distracted. Expect the tone to change dramatically from entry to entry. Other than that, expect nothing, other than I make a fool of myself.

9:50 PM Back from a wonderful potluck dinner with friends. I feel less like a hermit in the middle of Vermont. Not for the last hour of Ken Burn’s: THE WAR. I will be depressed afterwards. But the research is worth it. I finally feel like I might be able to capture what the American people were feeling about the war, and the internment.

10:55 PM War is ugly. 6 more episodes to go before the research is done. Not tonight though. Definitely. not. tonight.

11:23 PM In all honesty, I’m absolutely beat. Best to sleep now, get an early start tomorrow.

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Missive 3 – King of Jazz

Dear Miles Davis,

I was just hoping you could rise from the dead and record a special soundtrack for me called “The Writing Life: Thesis Odyssey.”  If you could get good ole’ Thelonius Monk to help you out, that would be great.  I’ve been listening to you as my writing music for today.  It’s moved me along quite nicely.

I will probably have a track listing, and some more specific comments on your music later, but for now, I just wanted to write to say thankyouthankyouthankyou. Without you, I think I would still be staring at a blank page.

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