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Lightbulb #3

In relation to Stephen and Portrait

The girl Stephen sees on the beach seems to him to be a hybrid between a girl and a bird.  Icarus and Daedalus, when they donned their wings, morphed into the same sorts of hybrids.  It is upon witnessing a form that speaks to his mythical counterpart is the gateway for this moment of clarity and inspiration and revelation.

Why, only now, have I seen and been able to truly recognize these connections?


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Lightbulbs #1 and 2

In relation to Portrait and Stephen:

In picking apart a bit of the Daedalus/Dedalus relation, I realized the following: Stephen, in name, is related to Daedalus, and in essence his child.  Icarus was actually Daedalus’s son.  He drowned in the ocean because he flew too close to the sun.  Stephen is very afraid of the ocean.

Icarus’s drowning… Stephen’s phobia… {LIGHTBULB}

I’m sure it’s in the notes, and I am not the first one to make this connection.  BUT, I realized it without the notes.

(a few days ago) In relation to Ulysses and Portrait via Stephen/Mulligan/Cranly

In the opening episode of Ulysses, Stephen and Mulligan are talking about Stephen’s mother and his refusal to kneel and ask for forgiveness at her deathbed.  Stephen first spoke of this in Portrait during their final conversation, hence why “Cranly’s arm…” flashes through his mind when Mulligan grabs his arm in THIS conversation versus others.

Again, this has been noted by scholars — I’ve read that particular note in the annotation many many times.  It only just clicked now.

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