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Time passes.

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything. Or updated my Thesis Odyssey. Truth is, it’s been slow. And I’ve had a couple ideas for blog posts, but once I sit down to write one, I feel like I should be writing my project instead. In short, it’s been a rough week.

I wonder what the purpose of this blog is, truly? I’ve been looking at a peer’s blog. He went to my high school. I doubt he remembers much of me. But his writing is extremely elegant. And he exhibits a kind of control with his posts. Only creative writing.

I keep thinking that I’ll try to do this. Try to give myself days of the week to post on, or to limit myself to certain kinds of posts. I like the idea of the Missives, of the form of monologued-conversation with works of art/artists.

That’s why I titled this blog A Joycean Existence. Not to write solely about Joyce, but to engage with other works the way I engage with his — in a way that challenges me to think and to consider new points of view. I love having those moments when I seem to wake out of my normal existence with a realization.

It’s too much to expect that I have these realizations every day. I mean, I can’t always be writing Dear Elliot Stable, Dear Tina Fey, or Dear Jesse McCartney. I get into a zone with pop-culture, and I cycle through things, and I watch things or listen to things because they are easy and comfortable.

Of course, JMac was the first artist/singer I ever wrote to. That blog was actually called dearjessemccartney. It had it’s purpose. This one will have its. I will find it. And once I find it, I imagine it will be even easier to write.


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