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Sunday night: thesis play by play

Expect updates on the hour, half hour, or whenever I am distracted. Expect the tone to change dramatically from entry to entry. Other than that, expect nothing, other than I make a fool of myself.

9:50 PM Back from a wonderful potluck dinner with friends. I feel less like a hermit in the middle of Vermont. Not for the last hour of Ken Burn’s: THE WAR. I will be depressed afterwards. But the research is worth it. I finally feel like I might be able to capture what the American people were feeling about the war, and the internment.

10:55 PM War is ugly. 6 more episodes to go before the research is done. Not tonight though. Definitely. not. tonight.

11:23 PM In all honesty, I’m absolutely beat. Best to sleep now, get an early start tomorrow.


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