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The Modern Library Reading Challenge

A challenge after my own heart:

The Modern Library Reading Challenge.


I have a similar kind of challenge to myself — to read all the books on this list.  (My running count is can be found here, under the BOOKS tab.)  Granted, I have not been doing too much of this lately, or really writing my thoughts about said books.  Many are in my memory, but it would be interesting to see how much I remember.  Some I owe an unbiased reread — like Catcher in the Rye and The Great Gatsby.  Others, I can’t get out of my life.  Just click the Ulysses, Stephan Dedalus, James Joyce, or Portrait of the Artist categories and you’ll see for yourself how often these emerge.

What would I say about these books if I gave myself 500, or 1000 words like Edward Champion?  What would happen if I did read in order?


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